How to Be a Good New Dog Parent

    How to Be a Good New Dog Parent

    How to Be the Best New Dog Parent

    Wohoo, new dog owner! If you've just made up your mind to get a new dog (we call them cute monsters) or you've already welcomed a new monster into your home, we've got the guideline on how to be a good dog parent to your baby.
    Follow these few tips to help your new dog baby feel welcomed and secured in his new home.

    Before He Arrives

    Being a good dog parent/pawrent begins before your four-legged monster sets foot in your home. These preparations will help ensure he has a smooth transition on adoption day.


    1. Prepare and set Your Home

    Dog-proofing your home by going through the home and checking everything at dog or puppy-eye level. Is there anything that might pose a choking hazard? Is there an item you don't want to get chewed? If so, be sure to move it out of reach. Use pet gates to block off anything that might hurt your dog, or to cordon off parts of the house where he won't be allowed to be in. Assign a safe place for your dog to hide if he starts to feel overwhelmed. This might be a dog crate, a room, or any other part of the house, just ensure its indoors :)


    2. Assign and Align on Roles and Responsibilities of the Family

    If you'll share the responsibility for your dog's care, establish ahead of time who will be in charge of feeding, walking, bathing, etc. If you have kids at home, talk to them about the new family member coming, and set rules about how he or she is to be treated. Young children especially may need to be taught how to be gentle with a dog and also closely supervised during play.


    3. Stock up on Necessary Supplies

    Dogs need more than just your love and affection to keep them happy and healthy. Make sure to stock up on all the right dog supplies including food and water dishes, a leash, dog toys, dog bed, and grooming supplies. If you plan to crate train him, have the crate ready on his first night home. Don't worry! we're always here to help. You can always reach out to us at +91-8931364467 over Whatsapp and we'll help you through your journey.


    Once the dog is home

    By now you've made all of the arrangements required to welcome your new monster buddy home, but the job isn't done yet. Following these steps after your new pup arrives will help you be an awesome dog parent.

    4. Introduce them slowly

    Kids and other pets should be allowed to meet their new family member one at a time and under close supervision. Talk with your kids again, reminding them of the rules for safely greeting and handling the dog. Bring other dogs outside to meet the new guy on neutral ground, allowing plenty of time to sniff and size each other up. Keep cats separated for the first few days, allowing them and the dog to smell each other first through closed doors, and then through a pet gate or screen, before letting them make contact.


    5. Choose a right Vet

    Make an appointment for a quick check for your new monster, and make sure your buddy is up to date on all his/her shots. Your vet can also advise you of any health issues your dog may be prone to because of his breed. He or she can also teach you how to prevent some conditions. We would also advice to choose the right vet who is driven for your pup's health over his commercial interests.


    6. Get them ID Tags

    Your monster will be coming home to an unfamiliar neighborhood. Should he/she get lost, an ID tag with your contact information will make it a lot easier for him to find his way home. Trust us, this helps big time! If possible, get tags that is GPS enabled that you can track over your phone.

    7. Set a Schedule

    Dogs are routine-oriented, so the sooner you can start getting your monster dog used to his new normal, the better. Establish designated mealtimes and bedtimes and stick to them. Show him where it's okay to relieve himself and start getting him used to going on walks. If regular walks won't be in the picture, begin another kind of daily fitness routine, even if it's just a simple game of fetch. There are plenty of dog training schools, but we'll still prefer you do all these by yourself. This way, the bond between you and your dog only grows thicker :)

    We hope this article helped you understand the responsibilities and the arrangements you need to make to welcome your monster buddy home.

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