Holi with Dogs

    Holi with Dogs

    With the Holi festival just around the corner and excitement building, it’s important to prepare so that pets and stray animals aren’t harmed during the festivities. we want everyone to take note and realize that Holi is not a festival of colors that you can celebrate with your furry friends. There are some important things that you need to know in order to keep dogs safe during this Holi festival.

    Colors contain harmful chemicals

    The powder or liquid color that we use during the festival are made up of a synthetic substance that contains harmful/ toxic chemicals. It causes skin allergies, itching, or even blindness in people, let alone animals. Dogs can lick these harmful chemicals that can cause severe conditions and illnesses. So, even when you are playing with your human friends, use natural colors only. And keep other colors away from your furry friends.

    Make sure to keep your pets indoor

    Getting hit with coloured powder or water isn’t fun for animals, who don’t understand what is happening and don’t enjoy getting powder or water in their eyes and noses . Keep pets indoors, and ensure that celebrations occur a safe distance away from stray animals.

    Teach your children not to throw water balloons at dogs

    Throwing water balloons can cause injury to the delicate body parts of a dog. Children may not realize that this terrifies and hurts the dogs. So, teach your children not to throw water balloons during the celebrations.

    Create awareness in your area

    Ask your building association to put up notices that remind residents to keep their animal companions indoors during Holi and not to throw colored powder or water at animals/pets.

    Keep an eye on your pets and stray dogs for any signs of trouble

    If you see an animal or your dog with colored powder on their body or face, quickly clean it with clean water. If irritation persists, please consult your vet. 

    Keep the sweets away from your pets

    Holi is about sharing sweets with your loved ones but you need to keep them away from your pets. You can share dog treats with them.

    What to do if your dog gets color on its fur?

    Use good quality dog shampoo to remove colors from your dog’s body. Use it with warm water to wash the colors. Do not try to remove color from dog’s coat with spirit or paint remover.


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